Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 31st--Crazy last week and a half

No pics this morning but just a quick note to tell all our family and friends how much we appreciate and love them. Several people at my work have lost loved ones last Saturday. While we were celebrating the joining of two people we care for, two supervisors lost those they care for. One a husband of 40+ years who was ill and the other a daughter who was but 24 and her passing was most unexpected. We also send our prayers to Uncle Jack who is in Dallas with Nana and Grandad for more surgery. It sounds like everything is going well and we want to keep it that way. And to our family that isn't as close as we would like, we love and miss you and think about you everyday and thank God for every moment we have together, either in person or via phone/e-mail/letters/blogs...
Also this week we hope to learn what Elise's cousin will be...will it be a boy to rough-house and play "garage" with or a girl to play Barbie's and dress-up....we are excited to know!!
We love you all!
Love, Patrick, Holly and Elise (and Kikyo)

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