Tuesday, August 28, 2007

So....Mommy is a slacker!

Yes! You all knew it already...Mommy gets it from PaPa, the procrastination that is.....we just got back from some fun in the sun and have tons of photos to post... I will be spending some time tomorrow getting everyone caught up on all the comings and goings in the Smith household but for now....time for a little post vacation relaxation with the cherub already in bed and the adults lounging on the couch. Until tomorrow...we love you all!!!


Marie said...

Hey Slacker, we're ready for some pics! It's a good thing we've seen the Sweet Potato herself or some serious harassment would be in order!

Marie said...

ahem! Where are the pictures???

Marie said...

Hellooooooo....anybody home.....anybody got some pictures they wanna share???

Bo said...

Yes, you get it from Papa.. the KING of slackers but it was worth the wait Lady.

Love them all, too cute that Tater Head is. Miss you so much,

Mimi Girl