Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This adventure called Life...

Howdy everyone!! So like it has only taken me a year to post again but hey, I am a working mommy that works outside the home and daddy is a salesman, and we all know how hard it has been in the slumping economy to get anyone to buy anything so YAY! A post! (pictures will come later this week/weekend)

We have all been very busy with work, school aka daycare, dance recital, summer dance, and a little mini-vacation for Elise and Mommy.

Things are going well with the new house although we could use a little expert landscaping advice for the backyard. I think we have that lined up in that my good friend Leslie has a hook up in that dept.

We are so enjoying our new home. We are so proud of what we have accomplished. We have some nice neighbors that have a little girl Jayden that is 5 and plays sooo well with Elise. They had a sleep over 2 weeks ago and took a bath together but put bubbles in the garden tub and lets just say bubble overload!!! Both Candice and I were stuck between, yelling for the mess and laughing at the insane silliness of it all. Elise and Jayden are great pals for sure and we look forward to them growing up together on our nice little street. :)

Daddy is still working for LaZboy...anyone that needs a couch, chair, lamp, come see him in Irondale, he will take good care of you. :) Mommy is still at Infinity, and is such a nerd that she actually likes working in the insurance industry. :p

Elise just amazes us every day with new words and reactions to different things. Elise maybe is too smart for a 4 and a half year old. hehe. She can write her full name all by herself and we are working on tying her shoes so we can get rid of any slip on or velcro sneakers.

Grandma Sue came to visit for Mommy's birthday, Elise's dance recital and Mother's Day back in May and although Elise doesn't see her Grandma Sue as often as I would like, she took to her like a duck to water. She loves her Grandma Sue soo much and enjoyed sharing her kitty and puppy with her. I will post this cute picture of Elise showing Grandma Sue a lady bug that is just the bees knees! hehe! Grandma Sue wishes she was closer but despite the distance, Elise know who she is and that she is loved very much.

Elise's dance recital went very well this year. Grandma Christie and Great Grannie, along with Grandma Sue, Daddy and Mommy were on hand to see this precious little girl dressed in the cutest outfit (she had a fishy on her head...pictures to come shortly--I promise :p)

Elise and Mommy went to Uncle Jack's birthday party and although we didn't know many people and many people didn't know us, Elise had a very good time. A pool always is a good icebreaker for a 4 year old hehehehe.

June was full of excitement for Daddy, Mommy and Elise because Rachel and Torsten asked us all to be in their wedding. We had many parties and events to attend but it was all worth it to see our very good friends unite in marriage. And boy what a fun time it was. Elise loved hanging out with the other flower girls, Janelle and Taylor and even though they were a little older than her, she so enjoyed being a part of the festivities and well, she really likes being around older kids especially older little girls. She was so beautiful.....not quite as beautiful as the bride but then no one outshines the bride. :) We all had soo much fun and were happy to be included in our friends special day.

Fast forward to July....Daddy and Mommy celebrated 5 years of marriage July 14. Grandma Sue was super thoughtful and sent a card with a little mad cash which came in very handy and Great Grannie and Great Pa sent a very lovely card, but best of all Grandma Christie sent a card with an IOU for babysitting! They all made the celebration of our 5th year of marriage extra special. We are thankful that we were thought of and remembered by them. It really made all of us feel loved. 5 years maybe isn't a big deal to some here but it was to us. Daddy got Mommy a GPS for the car and can find her way around the area she didn't grow up in. Sometimes Mommy feels isolated and Daddy wanted her to be able to find her way anywhere. What a great husband Patrick is!! We are thankful for all of you that remembered our special day because there weren't that many that remembered.

This past weekend Elise and Mommy went with Mommy's friend and her boys to Tennessee. We had a very relaxing time at the waterpark and going into Gatlinburg. We appreciated the invitaition and Daddy letting us travel without him. Daddy was busy making money for the family. We hope next time Daddy will be able to come with us because everything is more fun with Daddy there. Elise played in the wave pool and Elise and Mommy went down the lazy river. Elise was super spoiled because Miss Leslie's boys are teenagers and she just loved being around the big boys. Miss Leslie's oldest boy Dylan got Elise a stuffed unicorn purse at the arcade with the tickets he won which was super sweet. Elise said that Dylan was her best friend. hehe. We went to the Applebarn and the HardRock cafe and gosh...it was soo relaxing and everyone had a fantastic time. btw apple butter is something I wish I would have had growing up...me and my dern midwestern upbringing hahahaha

Elise is growing so fast and just amazes us everyday. She loves her new school and has adapted well to the change. She had gone to the previous daycare since Mommy started at Infinity, so she was there nearly 4 years. We feared the change would tramatize her but she is thriving. She is learning about stories from the bible and the meaning of God and Jesus. We are so proud of her and how smart and advanced she is for her age. She continually surprises us. She is the only 4 year old I know that requests salad for dinner when we go out to eat. We planted 2 tomato plants in planters on our deck and have 2 tomatoes coming in already. She loves watching their progress and learning about how they go from flower to little bud, then small green tomato, and slowly growing bigger and bigger and eventually turning red (she will grasp that concept a bit better when they actually start turning red). They will be the best tomatoes ever because Mommy and Elise planted and grew them!! yummy!! Maybe next year we will have a whole garden. :)

Elise is such a caring and loving, sensitive child and feels pain deeply for others. She enjoys spending time with Uncle Dave and Aunt Jenn and their son John. She really likes John and always asks if he will be there when we visit. Even though she doesn't get to see them very much, she loves her Uncle Kyle and cousin Christa and includes them in her prayer every night. We are planning on visiting Iowa and seeing Mommy's side of the family in October so we plan on making the best of every moment we are there. We can't wait to see family and friends since it has been over 2 years since we have made the trip. It is hard to explain that Mommy wasn't born in Alabama and that all of her family isn't here but she knows her Mommy's side of the family despite the distance and knows they love her very much. She talks to Grandma Sue on the phone and tells her all about what is going on...even if it really doesn't make sense. hehe It is hard on Mommy being so far away from Iowa but Daddy and Elise make Mommy happy along with really great friends that really are Mommy and Daddy's family here, Miss Leslie, Susan, Lavita, Candice and Jonathon, Aunt Jenn and Uncle Dave and John, Torsten and Rachel, Great Grannie and Pa, Grandma Christie...all have given nothing but support to us and made us feel like family. We love you all guys!!

okie...time for Mommy to get ready for bed so...pictures inc soon!! :D

Monday, August 11, 2008

Wiggly Time!!!

Shwashbuckler Captain Feathersword!!! AHOY!!

Kinda a mismash of pictures but at least there are some new ones!! Elise LOVED the Wiggles once again. This time around she really understood that we were seeing them in person. She sang along with most all the songs (and Mommy and Daddy learned some new ones...Hello Dr. Knickerbocker!!) It is funny because Anthony (the blue Wiggle) shares Mommy's birthday and Murray (the red Wiggle) shares Uncle Kyle's birthday...of course not the same year but ya know, kinda fun! When Murray came out to do his guitar solo, he started of course with Stairway to Heaven, a mainstay for all toddlers. Needless to say there is some comic relief for those above the age of 7 hehe.
And you can see our new puppy, Tinker Bell, or Tinker or Tink for short. Elise loves her and Tink loves Elise. It is so amazing to see how wonderful Elise is with the puppy. Well and how wonderful she is in general. We are so very blessed to have a precious family such that is the three of us.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tiny Dancer :)

As May quickly approaches and many special days come around, the most special day is May 10th. Elise will be performing with her TapTots class at the BJCC. For those out of town, this is the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center....a little like the 5 Seasons Center errr I mean the USCellular center or whoever has bought naming rights these days.

There are pictures but we will surely have to order extras to fill all the wants and needs of all those that love Elise. :D

I am downloading more pictures tonight and should have some posted by the weekend! Hooray!!

When you see how cute this little girl is, your head may explode so...be warned!!! hehehehehe

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fun at the park!

Weeeee! Here Elise is playing with Uncle Jack at the park in Helena. They both LOVED the swings!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

All the Usual Suspects...oh my

So with a new year a month and a half into it and a fancy camera later, I have FINALLY gotten some new pics to post so.....I will let them speak for themselves. These will span from Halloween thru NOW...I hope this doesn't freeze my comp up *cringe*

That's all for tonight....tomorrow is pool night so it will be Thursday before more. nite nite