Sunday, July 1, 2007

First Entry 07/01/07

Hello family and friends! Welcome to the Sweet Potato Files where you can find updates (hopefully frequently) about the comings and goings of the Smith family. Mostly we will focus on the little angel that inspired this blog, our little Sweet Potato, Elise Madeline. She is our pride and joy and a true blessing for Patrick and myself (Holly). Elise was born Thanksgiving Day 2004 and arrived right on time as that was her due date.

She is now 2 and a half and just amazing us all more and more as each day passes. Please bear with me as I get the hang of being a blogger as this is my first go around with it. I am attempting to upload a few pics from Easter at Grandma and Grannie and Pa's and from my brother aka Uncle Kyle's wedding over Memorial Day weekend. You will have to forgive me as some photos will be out of sequence time wise but at least they will get posted. :)

Kyle and I seem to favor each other a bit in this photo. My Dad aka PaPa says that will happen. :p
Also a picture of PaPa and MiMi with the Sweet Potato herself. She wasn't spoiled one bit at all while we were there. Yikes! There was a HUGE thunder clap, apparently someone thinks that was a bit

A huge thanks to PaPa and MiMi for all their help with Elise while I was part of the wedding party and their generosity with our visit. It was a blast.

Can't get much cuter than that huh?

Here is a good picture of Uncle Kyle with his bride Liz aka Aunt Liz. Liz has the honor of being Elise's only Aunt. Aunt Liz is also expecting a bundle of joy in late December and Elise cannot wait to have a cousin and Patrick and I cannot wait to be an Aunt and Uncle!
I am also posting a pic of Daddy with Elise when she was very small that is one of my personal favorites. As I get the hang of this, I hope to be better organized but with all the overtime I have been working and all the hours Daddy aka Patrick works spending time with Elise takes priority over many things, as I am sure all can understand.

So this is the end for post #1 and I have a memory card full of pics for the next post which will hopefully be in a few days! We just can't say how much we love and treasure everyday with our Sweet Potato!


ladyheadwack said...

Hi to the wonderful and talented members of the Smith Family, better known as my son in law Patrick, daughter Holly Christine and the effervescent,talented, beautiful and ever loving Elise Madeline, aka "Swee' Potato". How thrilled I was to see this wonderful site from my loving family. Papa and I sat and oggled. This is something I will cherish and come and view and post. There is nothing more important than family, and I send all my love to you and my very best wishes always. Gosh, i miss y' all so much!

Love you guys,

The " Mimi Girl"

Joel said...

Okay so you don't have fifteen people to send these to, but I'm sure that you will. I still don't understand why there are so many pictures of that baby. I seem to have a lot of them too..

That baby is just too damn cute, but like your Uncle Howard used to say "Breeding will tell"

Avery said...

Sweet baby - hair the right color to be a sweet potato - or a yam, at the very least!
I'll bet she's full of fire under that sparkle....

Have you heard the Sweet Potato song from "Mighty Wind"?
"Mighty Wind" is a movie made by Christopher Guest and friends. These people did "Spinal Tap", "Best in Show" and "Waiting For Guffman".

ladyheadwack said...

Hey Holly? Still waiting on the email from you for the art center Pappa and Mimi want to buy for Swee' Tater. Please send it to me soon so our baby can color and paint pictures to send to us.

Love you,


Marie said...

Sweet Potato Files...I love it! You know little Sweet Potato's Uncle Jack just so happens to love Sweet Potatoes maybe that's why he tried to lick Elise that time she came to our apartment. I am going to find that picture and post it to Jack's blog. It is sooo funny. Jack's got his tongue hanging out and Elise is clinging to her daddy with this "Ewww" expression on her face.
We need more pics, more stories, more Sweet Potato!!!

ladyheadwack said...

Hi Holly, Patrick and Swee' Tater. Mimi did some investigative work on the internet and looked up the meaning of the name " ELISE". Here's what it said:

Traits: When people think of Elise, they picture a beautiful, feminine, family-oriented mother who is patient and sweet.
Famous people with this name: TV character Elyse (Family Ties) Keaton; Beethoven's composition "Fur Elise"

The Brilliant and historical composer Beethoven immortalized your daughter's name in a famous composition.

One of my all time favorite tv shows had Elise Keaton as the Mother, wise and compassionate.

In all terms and conditions, Elise Madeline is a beautiful and effervescent young lady whom many will be envious of for her whit, charm, beauty and spontaniety and wisdom.

Heck, we knew that all along!


Holly said...

Avery, No I did not know of the "Sweet Potato" song, I will have to check it out. Also....if you know my Dad at all you will know that I know who Christopher Guest is....I think he rented This is Spinal Tap for me to watch when I was like 14 or so....I know I wasn't old enough to drive yet for sure...Anyways, thanks for the comments. And yes she has some fire in her when things aren't going "her" way....but Mommy does to and I don't think it has anything to do with the color of my hair..LOL :)

Bo said...

happy third anniversary to Holly and Patrick, parents of the Swee Tater herself!


Bo and Dad