Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Yes it is true! Finally have new pics posted! Family and freinds....this is the Smith Family on vacation in Destin, Florida. (well mostly pics of Elise but that is the REAL reason you are here and you KNOW it!! lol ) First stop was The Wiggles concert in Baton Rouge, LA. Best hour and a half entertainment money can buy for a 2 year old. Then onward to Destin and the sugary white beach, or as Elise called it "her sandbox". We all had a wonderful time and cannot wait to get back!

This is another litte bombshell and her daddy that we all made friends with and hung out with for a couple of days of our stay in Destin....with two there is more entertainment and cuteness all around!!

A little too much fun in the sun...right before Elise laid down she had falled asleep, hat and all in the swim floatie with daddy towing her around.

And as we arrive back in the 'Ham, this is the site to see as we look into the back seat to check the littlest beach babe......collective "awwwwwww"

We hope everyone enjoyed these long over due pics and with any luck Mommy will get some more up ASAP! We love everyone!