Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!! Mommy was off work but Daddy had to go make the money, like he always does. He is such a great salesman! He sold over 40k in 7 days last month! Holy smokes!! Anyways, Elise and I took a very long nap today. 2 and a half hours!! She hasn't taken that long of a nap in like 6 months. But I guess we both needed some rest. For those of you that I haven't babbled on and on to about my back, 2 weeks ago I was cleaning our computers at home (I stress that because my supervisor, doctor and Dad and Bo all thought it happened at work...I WISH that it did but moving on) the little plastic tube thingy on the air-duster blew off and I got under the desk to get it and when I came up, I wasn't completely out from underneath it and hit my spine on the metal lip of the "desk" (it is really a banquet table so we can fit both of our comps there).

I thought everything would just get better like all my little boo-boos do but a week after, I thought I was gonna die at work in my computer chair, went to the doctor and had x-rays etc. I didn't chip or fracture anything but bruise my spine all the way to the bone. OUCH! So the I got some muscle relaxer, anti-inflammatory and a pain killer but the sad thing is, it hurts the worst at work but I cannot function with those while there. I almost nod off at my desk and I send out 50 plus e-mails first thing in the morning and I mislabeled stuff so, I have to be in pain at work and then wait til I am home to take my medicine. I got a little travel pillow to prop me up until my back feels better (thanks Patrick! what an understanding man!)
So, the nap was very nice although I heard that Grandad (Patrick's dad David) and NaNa (Patrick's step mom Marie) asked us over, so I have to apologize for not coming but after nap time we had to go get groceries and get a prescription and Mommy promised Elise we would make a cake when we got home and that was ALL she could talk about at the store so...Mommy couldn't let her down.

Here is a very nice photo of all the May birthday gals (and Elise). This was at Grandma, Grannie and Pa's. Mommy, Aunt Cathy and Amber all have birthdays within 5 days of each other so we had a joint celebration! Here you can also see that Elise has a black eye from the "incident" at daycare. Thank goodness it cleared up for the wedding but we still have to put Mederma on it because the skin was broken a little bit to the left of the eye and we want to minimize the scar. Mederma works great, a little pricey but we think it is worth it. P.S. Grannie was quite upset about the black icing on the pretty pastel cake, she made sure we all knew it was not intentional, especially to me because I did turn 30!! Yikes! I told her it was just fine and I appreciated being included, that was what was important to me, not the color of the icing. :)

Speaking of making a cake, here is Elise with MiMi while we were in Iowa, letting the little sweet potato help out. I think that is why Elise was so exciting about making a cake. And Grandma (Patrick's mom Crystie) gave Mommy and Daddy an hand electric mixer for our anniversary, so we could make a non-lumpy cake. Yes folks, we did not have one all this time. It cracked up my co-workers so I hope you all have a good chuckle. lol

This is Elise with Uncle Garrett (Mommy's step brother). They are eating the cake seen being made in the previous picture. She seems to like it. :)

Garrett was such a help while Elise and Mommy were in Iowa. He helped watch her at the rehearsal dinner, wedding and at PaPa and MiMi's house and also gave Elise his Caillou books. Elise really likes them and wants Daddy to read her one almost every night. And they each teach a lesson so YAY Uncle Garrett!

Uncle Kyle is showing Elise how fun cars can be. She really loved playing with them, and with Uncle Kyle. He makes the best sound effects!! When we got back home to Alabama Mommy and Daddy got some cars from the movie Cars for her. Lighting McQueen, Sally, Mater, Doc Hudson etc. She already had the movie so she knew the characters. She even does Lighting McQueen's catch phrase...Ka-chow. It is so cute. Elise now refers to Uncle Kyle as "my Kyle" hehe. btw that is actually Uncle Kyle's Fisher Price parking garage from when he was little. :)

Finally got a current picture downloaded of Grandma (with the puppies) aka Mommy's mom aka Sue. We say Grandma with the puppies so Elise knows the difference between Grandma's. When I get off the phone and say "I love you Mom" Elise says "Mommy?" and I say "no that is Mommy's mom, your Grandma" then Elise says "Grandma puppies?" YES! That is right. lol

This is Kikyo pronounced Keek-Yo (named for a character from Inuyasha). You all knew it already so don't act surprised that we are geeks and watch anime. She decided that Elise's floppy seat was just the right spot for a nap! She is a very good kitty and shows a lot of patience with Elise.

Okay, I have some photos to post but we have cupcakes and a small cake to frost and some pasta salad to make so everything will be ready for Daddy to grill hot dogs for dinner before we go down to the Southside to get a very good view of the fireworks tonight. They launch them from Red Mountain and our apartment complex is on Red Mountain but on the opposite side. We can see them okay but they don't look as high up and some t.v. towers are in the way of some of them. Daddy has the best ideas about where to go! I will TRY, TRY, TRY to post every 2 to 3 days regardless of having any photos but we usually do. Have a happy and safe 4th everyone!

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Marie said...

Glad you got a good nap. Believe me when I say that we value naps around here! I love all the pictures but sure would like to see the Sweet Potato herself and oh, of course, you and Patrick soon, especially since we are taking off for Dallas for more surgery at the end of the month. Sorry to hear about your back. Brusing to the bone is nothing to mess with. I have heard that it is very painful. Call me if it does not get better and I'll set you up with a great spine doctor to make sure you are getting the appropriate care. We love you guys and hope to see you soon.