Sunday, July 22, 2007

July 4th and 21st Pics

Here are some pics from the 4th of July and yesterday July 21st, Crystal (Daddy aka Patrick's cousin)and John-Paul's wedding where Elise was a flower girl.
Look who got some new shoes!! Crocs!! Just like Uncle Jack! Elise loved his so much Nana and Grandad treated Elise to some of her very own.
I don't know but I think she likes them. What do you think??
Here is our precious little girl looking beautiful for Crystal and John-Paul's big day. Elise was the littlest of the flower girls but she followed the other girls lead and did wonderfully. Better than Mommy and Daddy hoped or expected. Here are few pics from the day.

Hope you enjoyed the photos. Sorry that there isn't much in the way of captions but most of these speak for themselves. I have some more pics to post but that will have to wait as is grows late here and Monday morning comes too soon. More later. =)


Marie said...

I knew she would love those crocs! She looks so cute admiring them on her feet.
I love the way you did her hair for the wedding. She is just so very very precious.
It really looks like she enjoyed the fireworks too.
Hopefully life will slow down soon and she and Uncle Jack can spend lots more time together.

Graced said...

This is really funny. I was following blog links from person to person and found you. I was the American Village's rep. that drove you around on the cart. She was so beautiful and I recognized her immediately when the pictures popped up.