Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Uncle Jack's Birthday Pics

Okay, okay, so I am falling behind on my 2-3 day plan but I have been getting over some very not pleasant side effects of the medicine I was taking for my back and it rained here (FINALLY) but it stirred up something that my sinus' do not like. So get ready for some birthday party action from Uncle Jack's 2 Year B-day party. (For those that do not know Jack is Daddy aka Patrick's brother that is just bit younger than Elise)

Here Uncle Jack is opening some of his gifts (with the help of Mommy and Daddy aka NaNa and Grandad).

Uncle Jack didn't need this for much longer after his party.....he took off like a bolt when he was in Dallas last. Soon nothing will be off limits cause those hands find a way to get things you didn't think they could reach! :)

Uncle Rob helps dish out the cake while Uncle Jack recovers from all the excitement of him turning 2. Cousins Anja, Jayla, D.J. and Jeanie can be seen anxiously awaiting some cake. (Hope no one got their name misspelled, if so e-mail and berate me now!)

Hey Uncle Rob, I think Elise wants a piece too. Very intense look there aimed at you!

Oh what does that pitiful little face say...?

It says "Can I play too??"

And one final picture tonight
.....I wish Mommy woke up in the morning this cheery (so does Daddy) :p

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Marie said...

Great pics and captions, too! I love the sweet little "Can I play, too?"
Elise is so cute!!!