Monday, August 11, 2008

Wiggly Time!!!

Shwashbuckler Captain Feathersword!!! AHOY!!

Kinda a mismash of pictures but at least there are some new ones!! Elise LOVED the Wiggles once again. This time around she really understood that we were seeing them in person. She sang along with most all the songs (and Mommy and Daddy learned some new ones...Hello Dr. Knickerbocker!!) It is funny because Anthony (the blue Wiggle) shares Mommy's birthday and Murray (the red Wiggle) shares Uncle Kyle's birthday...of course not the same year but ya know, kinda fun! When Murray came out to do his guitar solo, he started of course with Stairway to Heaven, a mainstay for all toddlers. Needless to say there is some comic relief for those above the age of 7 hehe.
And you can see our new puppy, Tinker Bell, or Tinker or Tink for short. Elise loves her and Tink loves Elise. It is so amazing to see how wonderful Elise is with the puppy. Well and how wonderful she is in general. We are so very blessed to have a precious family such that is the three of us.

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Lizz and Kyle said...

HEY!!! Elise just keeps getting cuter!!! Tink is a lil cutie too... Love you guys!!!
Kyle, Lizz and Christa